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About the Irish Spatial Data Exchange

The Irish Spatial Data Exchange (ISDE) is a Discovery Service for spatial data resources available from various organisations in the exchange. Using the exchange it is possible to search metadata catalogues operated by each of the partner organisations. This can be undertaken by using the ISDE Discovery Service.

The exchange architecture is based on an ISDE Portal, ISDE Discovery Service, ISDE View Service and ISDE NodeInfoService. ISDE metadata is based on the INSPIRE Metadata Implementing Rules using ISO standards and the CSW 2.0.2 catalogue service implementation allows it to be independent of any catalogue software implementation technologies.

Development of the exchange has been funded by the Information Society Fund, the DCENR Change and Innovation Fund and the Marine Institute.

The current partners participating in the exchange are the Coastal and Marine Resource Centre,  UCC;  the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources; the Environmental Protection Agency; the Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government; the Geological Survey of Ireland; the Environmental Protection Agency and the Marine Institute.

The ISDE browser is also available from the following partner websites:

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